Why You Should Use a Waste Service in NYC


Commercial waste services has a checkered history, with issues related to safety, environmental sustainability and labor practices. The industry needs urgent reform. Comptroller Stringer wants commercial waste services to establish a baseline of sustainability and accountability. He is also calling for a zoned collection system based on safety on the streets and the health of workers. Several major companies are already working toward this goal. There are a few reasons why. Here are some of the most compelling.

Solid waste services are required by the City. Waste collection and disposal is a key component of a sustainable city. In developing countries, proper waste management is costly, and it represents 20 to 50% of municipal budgets. Waste management systems must be integrated,  Century waste environmentally sound, socially-supportive, and financially viable. Generally, the waste management practices deal with municipal solid waste, which constitute the bulk of waste produced by commercial, industrial, and household activity.

Most large non-profits in New York pay for garbage service through general city revenue. The DSNY does not charge customers, and it has a free collection service for non-profits on tax-exempt land. Unfortunately, this system fails to connect the amount of garbage generated with the cost of disposal. A more efficient model would be to charge each household based on the amount of garbage they generate. In this way, residents can avoid paying more than they need to for garbage services.

When a company fails to display their inspection information, it can hide the actual weight of the waste. The City of Toronto found that 178 trade waste vehicles in 2011 had expired inspection stickers or missing license plates. Among these, 12 of these vehicles were repeatedly cited for missing or expired plates. Therefore, it is vital to choose a company that offers 24-hour waste collection services. You may want to consider a company that offers bilingual services if you are not able to speak English.

A waste management system aims to reduce the adverse effects of waste on human health and the environment. A significant part of this practice deals with municipal solid waste, which is created through commercial, industrial and household activity. Waste management services are necessary to keep our environment and planetary resources clean. In addition to helping people, businesses should also consider the economic aspects of waste management. Many companies will charge a per-bag fee for waste services. A single-time payment will typically result in a better rate.

Aside from residential garbage services, county-wide waste management services are reliable and affordable. These companies offer residential garbage services and recycling services for a variety of industries. For household projects, a two-yard or four-yard dumpster can be just right. Further, BWS can customize a bin rental schedule to meet your disposal needs. And if you’re a business owner, you can choose from several different options, including curbside services.

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