Seattle Seahawks defeat the Sant Louis Rams on Monday Night Football

The Seahawks are still alive for the postseason. Their chances are slim, but they have the momentum and the motivations to actually get themselves into the Playoffs. And perhaps what it is interesting here is that Seattle is actually pulling this off with a team that is filled with many players that were underrated and perhaps unappreciated by their previous teams. Seattle kicked off the season with a rather mediocre performance. On the other hand, this squad has managed to get their act together and on their latest Monday Night Football game they managed to dominate the St. Louis Rams to claim a 30-13 win at the Century Link Field in downtown Seattle. This is currently the fourth win in the squad’s last five games. A good effort considering that at 6-7 for the season they need to make every win count, as there is still a slim chance of making it into the postseason, and winning is the only option left for these guys. The Seahawks now need to win every game left in the season, but considering their coming from a 2-6 start, I would say that they are doing quite well. And perhaps, this comeback has to แทงบอลสเต็ป deal with the up shift in Marshawn Lynch’s game this season.

Considering his latest performances it really looks as if it’s two different players we are talking about. In Lynch’s first six games of the season, he averaged 43. 8 rushing yards per game with 3 touchdowns. Now, in the latest six games, on the other hand, he´s been doubling that, recording 117 yards per game and with 25. 2 rushes per game with 6 touchdowns. A big part of the Seahawks revival has to do with Lynch. Despite the fact that Seattle fans recognize that this hasn’t been the season they had dreamed off, it is quite evident that Lynch has managed to win many fans over. It was somewhat of a bizarre spectacle, but Seahawks fans threw bags of Skittles into the end zone as Lynch celebrated his ninth rushing touchdown this season. With that score, that helped secure the breach over the Rams, Lynch also tied a franchise record with nine consecutive games with a TD. Doug Baldwin was also responsible for stealing some of Lynch’s thunder. He had a great game.

He has become Tavaris Jackson’s weapon of choice. Jackson finished the game with 21 of 32 passing for 224 yards and one touchdown pass with no interceptions, including six catches to Baldwin in the second half. He had a great game. For starters, he blocked a first-quarter punt that was returned by Michael Robinson 17 yards for a touchdown. As if that was not enough, he would then caught a 29-yard TD pass from Tarvaris Jackson in the third period as the Seahawks began to open up the gap over the Rams. Once again, the Rams proved that they really don’t have the talent or the manpower to give their young quarterback, Sam Bradford, the backup he needs to prove his worth. Bradford has yet to prove this season that he has the talent to make it in the NFL. He finished the game with 12 of 29 passing for 193 yards with no touchdowns and one interception. Not a brilliant performance, but not much backup from the rest of the Rams either.

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